Woof! Good evening all

Hope you are all having a fantastic Easter and are enjoying lots of chocolate. Easter has meant I’ve had a week off from work and human has spoilt me for working so hard this last term. I’ve been to the park, the beach, had sausages and even a cheeky ice cream. I also got to on a visit to stay with my friend Rufus and play with him for a few days. Last term has been an exciting one for us with us starting delivering our new course to schools in Blackpool. An introduction to a School dog has welcomed 5 new dogs. Hatti, Cilla, Lexi, Reba and Poppy and Wow they are all doing fantastic.

Once a week they drag their humans along to learn about the logistics of introducing a school dog and get lots of advice and support on how to get the most out of having a school dog. Human takes me along to demonstrate some of the skills we have learnt over the last two years and I get to have a play date with all the girly dogs.

This term has also seen me rise to celebrity status. I’ve managed to appear on TV three times now with the most recent being on BBC Breakfast just this morning during a feature about dogs in the workplace and helping to lower stress levels. I also appeared in the Blackpool Carers Magazine about the work I’ve been doing there with some of the young people. My trips to school have been just as exciting recently including a teddy bears picnic at Stanley Park. KS2 students built dens out of the natural environment and they all created me my own special place in their den. I tested them out and they were all super warm and cosy. We also played a game of Man Hunt in the woodlands area. In the first game students had to hide and I hunted them out I was so good at it that we had time for another game and I got to hide with the students whilst the teachers had to find us all.

I’m looking forward to next term, we have been invited to do a couple of presentations one is about Animal Assisted Therapy as an Intervention in Primary Schools and the other about School Dogs in general. I’m excited because it means I’ll get lots of “Aww”s and “Wow”s and lots of attention and cuddles.

Anyway best go I’ve got lots of work to do. Human is helping teach me a very special trick (watch this space)

Hope you all have a lovely Easter

Lots Of Love

Archie xx