So it’s been about 9 (dog) years since we created this website but humans managed to get it up and running and I’ve been a busy little pup. My plan is to get into blogging and regularly post on this website I just have to wait until human fall asleep and leaves her laptop open for me to get online. It’s surprising how much I can get away with when she’s not watching, I’m pretty certain she hasn’t even noticed me steal the cats food every night when she nips for a shower.


So what have I been up to in the last few months? It’s been an exciting time with lots of new experiences and lots of new best friends and of course lots of treats. My days at school have started to become routine for me. They go something like this:


7:00 – Loud high pitch noise goes off! Alert human to danger by jumping on and repeatedly licking face until human uses mobile talky device to shut it up.


7:15 – Chase cat! Chase cat on way downstairs to ensure he still knows I’m boss, toilet trip outside and patiently wait with wagging tail whilst human gets ready for work


8:00 – Nap Time! Catch up on sleep, after chasing cat, in human’s car on the way to work. Arrive at school and complete lap of the building to ensure no smelly cats have broken in overnight. Ensure all staff have turned up for work by making sure I am greeted with cuddles and silly high pitch voices. Best check their bags by repeatedly sniffing and sticking head in to ensure no contraband is brought in and see if they have brought me any tasty goods.


8:15 – Breakfast Time! Job one of the day done time to top up energy and tuck into my breakfast whilst staff brief for the day. I’m talented I can eat and listen. Humans don’t seem to be as alert as dogs at this time of the day. They have to consume this magic warm brown liquid n a cup that seems to help them wake up. The human race as you will find astonish me in so many different ways.


8:30 – WAHOOOOOOO Lots of energy from food, and young people have started to arrive for the school day. Time to ensure they are all greeted. This is a particularly challenging time of the day. They are all my best friends but my tail wags so hard I struggle to go from one student to another in a straight line saying hello without my tail wagging my body off course or wagging off my body altogether.


12:30 – Lunch time!  It’s been a busy morning in lessons and playing fetch and tag in the back garden at break, but now it’s small human’s time to eat so I have a quick nap in the office. Lots of doggie dreams about books and bones and learning.


13:00 – Lunch is over! Students race back to class to greet me. They tell me all about their meal and let me clean up any crumbs they’ve spilt. They are so thoughtful they always leave me extra on purpose. Teacher asks who wants to go on a walk with me and teaching assistant and hands shoot up with excitement.


15:00 – Home time!🙁 We’ve all had lots of more fun lessons together and whilst I don’t always manage to stay awake the whole time I can tell they have had some good sessions and have learnt lots of new things. I get a cuddle and a high five at the door as every student says goodbye and they promise me they will be back tomorrow to learn and play together again.


15:15 – Nap time. Human lets me catch up on my sleep whilst she looks back over all the students work from the day with a big smile on her face with pride about what they have achieved. She texts a couple of parents to let them know their child has been extra special that day and lobs me a treat to say it’s been another good day.


17:00 – WALKIES! Humans finished all her work and looks at me and asks me if I’m ready to go home. She passes my lead and I carry it to the car in my mouth. I jump up at the window and watch the hustle and bustle go by wondering which walk mummy is taking me on today. On a good day she stops by the park and asks me if I fancy an ice cream whilst I play with all the other doggies.


19:00 – Bed Time! Phew it’s been another amazing day and human treats me to a special tea before telling me I’ve been a good boy and to sleep well. I curl up on my mattress and wrap the blanket round me whilst I dream away about another incredible day with lots of smiling faces.


Oh shoot I can hear the cat causing trouble in the TV room; I think he’s putting his claws into human’s new sofa. I best go tell him off and chase him to his bed. I promise to post again soon.


Lots of Love


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