Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this course for?

This course is for schools or similar industries. The business may already have a dog that visits regularly or are contemplating introducing a dog and looking for further support and advice.





How old should my dog be?

There is no age restrictions on dogs attending the course. We regularly train both puppies and mature dogs. However, dogs on the course are the owners responsibility and it is important they  have been socialised and get on well with both humans and other dogs who will be present during the course.



What dog breeds are best?

¬†There is no easy answer and we have trained a wide variety of school dogs from Cocker Spaniels and Labradors to Pugs and Hungarian Vizsla’s. It is important you consider the establishment and clientele you will be introducing the dog. Large breeds can often appear intimidating to small children whilst others malt less and are considered hypo allergenic dogs. Always do your research before purchasing a dog.

How do I go about introducing a school dog

By attending this course you will be supported with the best processes and given the logical steps to introduce your school dog.

Does the gender of my dog matter?

No school dogs can be either male or female.

How do I insure the school dog?

The majority of standard Pet Insurance companies will NOT insure your dog to be on school premises. It is important you gain specialist insurance to have your school dog on site. This is surprisingly not as expensive as you would think. On the course you will be given a short list of providers that will insure your school dog

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