We care about our customers and listen to feedback given. Your feedback is important to us and gives us valuable insights which allow us to continually improve and serve you better. Below is a list of recent feedback we have received.

“There are so many interventions in schools but the impact of Archie is by far the best. It’s incredible the difference he has made to the class”

“Mum really looks forward to her weekly visits from Archie. She loves the company and he’s the heart of conversations at the care home”

“Archie is a brilliant dog he helped me change my mood and my behaviour”

“He is like my best mate and I feel like he is my dog”

“I enjoy coming to school everyday because of Archie. He has made me calmer”

“Archie can make any room or situation a positive”

“They love him and I can see he puts them in a positive frame of mind, sometimes our young people have a negative feeling about school but I think Archie changes that. He also has the power to calm a young person down when feeling Anger.”

“Archie lifts everyone’s mood and brings out the best in pupils”

“I don’t know what I would have done without Archie. He has changed everything for me”

I used to hate reading and would never do it in-front of the class. Now I practice reading to Archie all the time, he loves stories. Last week I read at the front of class.